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Greetings and a Warm Welcome all at NRI Institute of Technology, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. NRIIT Guntur, is one of the premier Institution and it is established in 2008 with all state of the art facilities in Science and Technology.   

Students are not only given exposure to the latest technological advances in their chosen field but also trained to be a responsible human being in our country. The enriched learning environment here develops the student’s eager mind. A series of activities such as a cultural festival, a technical festival, industry-focused seminars, and extracurricular activities, open them to challenges of leadership take place along with regular academics at NRIIT Guntur on regular basis. During their tenure at the institute, the students are given enriching and life-defining experience that enables them to reach new heights in their professional and personal lives.

The Institution has a team of highly qualified, experienced, young, learned and dedicated faculty with expertise in all major disciplines of engineering and management is a constant source of inspiration for the students. They are actively involved in raising the standards of the institute.

The Institute has ongoing collaborations with National and International Institutions in order to keep pace with increasing frontiers of knowledge. In order to align with country’s major policy initiatives of Make in India; Digital India; Start-up India; the Institute has established a start-up centre and in a process to set up Incubation Centre, so as to support technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurship and to provide a platform to students to create jobs instead of being a job seeker.

The Institute aims to produce skilled and trained industry-ready professionals through imparting quality technical education and acts as the center of excellence for engineering and management studies. Tremendous hard work, confidence and faith of all the stakeholders of the Institute and they strive towards the zenith of academic excellence.

NRIIT Guntur focuses on designing engineering and management programs that instill leadership and teamwork, and carries a global appeal. The undergraduate and postgraduate programs are regularly revised to comply with global technical developments and market demands. The research conducive green campus encourages the young minds to develop attributes and knowledge beyond the constraints of traditional classroom teaching and learning.

The flexibility in the design of management and engineering education in the institute incubates global trends and helps to meet future demands, ensuring better Institute-Industry partnership both at local and global levels. NRIIT has been able to create a niche of its own and become the most preferred institute in the Guntur region of the country. The aim is to build it to be a center of excellence in education and research in the fields of engineering and management. The vision is to develop it to be an Institution vibrant with academic activities and bubbling with youthful creative energy. The challenge is to overcome the apparent disadvantages of its remote location and turn them into advantage. The institute’s goals are to set-up the best possible facilities within the constraints, build-up a very talented pool of human resource and create an excellent environment for teaching, learning and research.

The Institute currently offers B. Tech. programme in six disciplines and M. Tech in three specializations, it shall always strive to provide the best possible environment for learning and research. Endeavour shall be to imbibe the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship in its students.

The Institute aims to foster 21st-century skills and competencies supported by defined learning frameworks and industrial internships for the students as part of Industry 4.0. With these skillsets, our students are future-ready to make an impact at work in general and society in particular. NRIIT emphasizes the need to promote entrepreneurship by introducing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Startups as part of its curriculum, which will enable technology commercialization to maximize product development.

Students are not only given exposure to the latest technological advances in their chosen field but also trained to be responsible citizens of our country. The rich and unique learning environment at NRIIT Guntur develops the student physically, intellectually and emotionally. A series of activities such as a cultural festival, a technical festival, industry-focused seminars and extracurricular activities, open them to challenges of leadership. We not only enable our students to fulfill their dreams but also mentor them to think BIG. During their tenure at the institute, the students are given enriching and life-defining and life long experience that enables them to reach new heights in their professional and personal lives. Our alumni are forerunners in several Multi-National Organizations and amongst successful entrepreneurs and renowned academicians with a significant contribution towards society. The Institute is known for producing some of the best engineers and technocrats for the country. The industry has always been appreciative of the talent pool offered by the institute and this has resulted into exemplary placements across all domains. Numerous reputed Industrial and Consultancy Corporates visit the institute campus for recruitment.

These accomplishments are the result of responsive leadership, dedication of the faculty and staff, and considerable efforts by students. More importantly, even during the unprecedented situation of the pandemic, the Institute continued to generate and disseminate knowledge. While cherishing the journey and milestones achieved so far, we must look forward and prepare ourselves for future challenges to propel this institution to even greater heights. In the coming years, our primary focus will be on fostering inter-disciplinary research, deepening industry-academia collaboration, exploring and developing new avenues of knowledge, and resource generation through knowledge transfer.

The students spend a significant portion of their lives on campus. They join the Institute to make their dreams a reality. The Institute provides its students a solid foundation for their careers. The Institute gives them the opportunity to integrate their minds, imaginations, and emotions in order to become capable of resolving public issues. The students have twofold responsibilities: one is to transform themselves, and the other is to address the complex problems faced by the society. It is my earnest appeal to students to make the best use of the time they spend at the Institute for their holistic transformation. The students must keep their curiosity alive and experiment new things. Our alumni are also passionately concerned about the progress of the Institute. The Institute also provides good sports amenities, central and digital library resources, landscaping and horticultural works alongside roads and buildings.

I am sure that our students will carry the flag ship of NRIIT Guntur to greater heights applying their knowledge and leadership in various industrial and R&D domains and will stand as responsible and dedicated technocrats in the Nation Building. I wish all the students an outstanding, momentous and valuable stay at NRIIT Guntur and hope that they achieve their destinations/goals and emerge as top-notch engineers, technocrats, educationists or scientists. At the same time, I wish all faculty and non-teaching staff members to work hard in building an Institute of standards, values and ethics.